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How Bukhara became our favourite city in Uzbekistan | Ayurveda Tour Central Asia

How Bukhara became our favourite city in Uzbekistan

Tourists usually visit Bukhara with very few expectations. Another city with mausoleums in the heart of desert… But the city has a lot of great surprises for tourists up its sleeves.


The first thing why tourists like Bukhara is its unique atmosphere. People here seems happier, more relaxed, more in tune with their surroundings and with each other. They don’t hurry and like to have time for a cup of tea.

All tourist attractions are within walking distance of each other and it’s possible to explore the city on foot. To say the truth it’s my preferred method of transportation. It’s not only better for health but a great way to see parts of the city you might otherwise skip.


You can explore a lot of Bukhara on foot and it’s the way to find yourself strolling through random medieval streets in the city. There will be one thing struck you – a feeling that you are in Bukhara of XVII-XVIII century.

The main streets are filled with shops, local artisan studios, boutique hotels and many food stalls. There’re lovely tea houses where locals were chatting while sipping on jasmine tea. It’s nicely just to walk along the streets and enjoy atmosphere.


You will not have to look hard to find delicious food in Bukhara. There’re many cafes offer delicious national food. You can try street food, dine in full-service restaurants. But no matter where you eat and what will be on your plates you will like it!


After exploring the city for a few days we recommend to visit surroundings. Luckily Bukhara has natural attractions and tourist sights just a few hours of the city.

The most popular is country excursion with visiting Sitorai Mokhi Khosa palace and Bakhautdin Naqshbandi memorable complex. It’s also possible to visit Eco center “Jeyran” (35km from the city). It is considered as one of the most effective breeding centers of rare mammals.


There’re lots to love about Bukhara but it isn’t one thing or attraction – it’s the overall feeling you can get staying in the city. It felts vibrant, alive and unforgettable. Walking around Lyabi Hauz (the main square of old Bukhara) you will be fascinated by the bright lights and the happening ambiance of the center.

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